Changing Lives

Purpose, vision & mission 


Our PRIMARY PURPOSE, which arises out of our trading activities as a Re-use social enterprise, and through the distribution of profits to charitable projects, is to aid the reduction and impact of poverty, deprivation and exclusion amongst people who are in need, vulnerable, struggling with life-limiting circumstances, hardship, or experiencing barriers to accessing training, employment, shelter and essential household goods, and support.

We seek to improve the environment by diverting items from waste disposal and back into re-use.

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The VISION is changed lives – to see lives transformed where everyone has the opportunity to fulfil their potential.


Our MISSION is to create a sustainable and profitable Re-Use social enterprise selling second hand, donated, unwanted, recycled and bought-in goods through local high street stores and other outlets.



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RE:MISSION is a charity founded to raise funds to help those in need of acquiring life and work skills with or without an accommodation need. It is willing to help those who find themselves in need because of poverty, addiction, poor education, leaving care or the criminal justice system.

We raise funds through direct giving, working with local churches and community groups and by operating social enterprise businesses and owning property where appropriate. 

RE:MISSION sometimes works by co-operating with other charities who operate services for which RE:MISSION provides some or all funding.

The vision of RE:MISSION is to see lives changed and fulfilled, based on a Christian understanding of what it is to be a valued person in God’s eyes.  We work with people of all faiths and none in a non-discriminatory way and there is no requirement to subscribe to any faith practices.

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Our Work

Our first main objective is to enable RE:MISSION to maintain a service for recovering addicts at Andrew House in Clevedon, North Somerset.  We have bought and have begun re-furbishing the property and providing major funds for the service now that no government funding is available. We have seen lives changed through the work of Andrew House and many who were once gripped by the forces of addiction are living stable lives in circumstances beyond their hope at one time.  For that reason we wanted to enable the work to continue despite the withdrawal of state funding.


We are also in the process of setting up one or more social enterprises to provide work and life skills for our intended client group and details of these will be posted as they are known. These enterprises are intended not only to raise funds but be key to enabling people from disadvantaged backgrounds to find employment and become self-supporting.

Our 'Shabby Chic' enterprise operates at Changing Lives in Clevedon, refurbishing furniture to a high standard for re-sale in the shop. Skilled volunteers share their expertise with our clients in an environment of encouragement to raise their own skills, self-esteem and confidence to re-enter the world of work.

RE:MISSION is now the owner of Changing Lives and we look forward to working with the established staff and volunteers in a project that will benefit many who find life a challenge.